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  •  Five types of Industries using Cloud Solutions

    The scope of the Cloud spans from IT to a range of other industries including retail and manufacturing. A few of the top applications empowered by the cloud environments include data center consolidation, hosting mobile apps, and cloud backup services.   Read More 

  •  Cloud Platforms in the Education Sector

    One very obvious innovative effect of cloud-based technology in the educational sector was seen during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions resorted to using cloud-based platforms in the learning process. This practical use that prevented disaster during the pandemic opened a lot of possibilities.    Read More 

  •  Dedicated server - Its pros and cons

    Dedicated hosting is where your business website has its server to meet its resources. Though offered at a higher cost, dedicated servers can cope with system crashes, unexpected power loss, traffic surges, and unexpected security breaches. Site ground is an example of a web host that uses dedicated servers. While the levels of management vary depending on an organization, the most web host will provide the software you require as well as the preinstalled operating system.   Read More 

  •  Important factors to keep in your mind while selecting a school for your kid!

    Education is actually a crucial right for your child. And it's a parent's primary job to guarantee that their children receive the greatest education possible. In this sense, the most crucial decision you must make as a parent is selecting a proper international school. This is due to the fact that the institution your child attends impacts the trajectory of their destiny.   Read More